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Internship and Graduate Recruitment Forum

What a fantastic start to BoW's Semester 1 events. Thank you to all of our member who attended the evening and we hope you learnt some valuable skills needed to kick start your professional career. For everyone who missed out on the night we have numerous other events coming up where we will host networking opportunities and provide other valuable learning opportunities.


Here are some of the top tips from the night that you may have missed out on or would like a reminder on:

  •     Create an easy to read CV with precise and not over complicated language.
  •     Your CV and cover letter should work together in a partnership with a clear and powerful message about who you are.
  •     Your cover letter should be mature and professional and include action words. 
  •     Keep attending networking events and meet employers.
  •     Research the organisation and role which you are applying for.
  •     Know what to expect in the Application process.
  •     Seek a second opinion on your CV and cover letter before submitting. 


If you any questions or feedback about the running of the event on the night, queries about any future upcoming events or general enquirers please do not hesitate to contact us at