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Making the Most of Networking and Mentoring Relationships

Below is our article by our Sydney Enterprise Sales Relationship Manager, Zoe Ryan, from Bloomberg. Zoe shares her experiences and advice for making the most of your networking and mentoring relationships.

Many of us are often nervous about reaching out to others and starting a professional mentoring relationship. Zoe Ryan, our Sydney Enterprise Sales Relationship Manager from Bloomberg, shares her story of how she maintained her mentoring relationship, and how important it is to have someone who can be there for you and guide you through your career:

"I graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in mid-2015 with a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business (Economics) and immediately joined Bloomberg as a graduate in the London-Sydney program. In mid-2017, I moved into a Sales Account Management role in the Sydney office and most recently pivoted into an Enterprise Sales Relationship Manager role in 2019.


I was fortunate enough to participate in one of Bloomberg’s many mentorship programs in 2018, which saw me partnered up with a very experienced and senior female colleague based in Hong Kong. To make the most of my mentorship, I scheduled our meetings regularly and well in advance to suit both of our calendars. I also made notes on topics I wanted to discuss ahead of each meeting to capitalize on the time spent together.


Having a mentor from a different area of the business and a different region provided me with a unique and objective perspective on my goals and career progression. This mentorship ultimately led to my moving into a new role within a different area of the business. Without the guidance, advice and encouragement from my mentor, I may have never had the courage to make this transition, which has proven to be one of the most challenging and rewarding moves of my career to date."

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