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Dealing with Rejection

In this week's issue, we have Cathy and Elaine from our BoW committee to offer some insight about dealing with job/internship rejections!

When you get rejected it is natural to feel frustrated and demotivated. As people who have experienced this many times, we believe the main things that can help you stay positive are:

1. Celebrate the little wins.
It’s easy to forget, but getting to the video interview or assessment centre stage means that the company already thinks you have potential. After reaching these stages, you have reason to be more confident when applying to other places.

2. Have incremental goals to reduce demotivation.
These goals can be anything from applying to a number of programs per week, to reaching the interview stage.

Achieving smaller goals is more likely to boost your motivation and confidence than having one huge goal that can seem stressful and demotivate you during the application progress.

3. Create contingency plans for when things don’t go your way.
Take time to consider what you could do when you do receive a rejection. Things such as: seeking feedback from recruiters, developing networking relationships with potential employers, thinking about what companies you may need to cold call, or doing post-grad study, will provide a sense of security and way forwards for the future.

4. Learn from feedback!
If you get rejected, don’t take it personally as there are many factors that determines whether you get a job. However, make sure you ask for feedback and use it as a springboard for further interviews. Rejection is rough and disheartening, but it’s a great learning experience for you to improve your performance in interviews. Learn to accept your imperfections and accomplish your goals by taking those baby steps!

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