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Alumni Advisory Board

Our Alumni Advisory Board consists of intelligent, enthusiastic and supportive ex-BoW committee members who have now graduated and commenced their careers. We have board meetings twice per semester and board members also take part in one-on-one mentoring sessions with our current committee and subcommittee to provide invaluable advice and guidance. Mentees in our Bold with BoW Mentorship Program also have the opportunity to have a coffee catch-up with our alumni.

Bella Hosking.jpeg

Bella Hosking

  • Alumni Advisory Board Chair

  • Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company

  • Bachelor of Arts (Political Science)

  • BoW Co-President (2022) and Events Director (2021)

  • 1
Elise Bailey.jpeg

Elise Bailey

  • Equity Research Analyst at Goldman Sachs

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance)

  • BoW Co-President (Semester 2 2022), Treasurer (2022) and Publications Director (2021)

  • 1
Gabby Tymms

Gabby Tymms

  • Investment Banking Analyst at UBS

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance)

  • BoW Co-President (Semester 1 2022) and Secretary (2021)

  • 1

Lucy Chen

  • Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance)

  • BoW Co-President (2021), Treasurer (2020/21) and Secretary (2020)

  • 1
Greta Hopsick

Greta Hopsick

  • Investments Analyst at AustralianSuper

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies)

  • BoW Publications Director (2022)

  • 1
Anika Lai.jpeg

Anika Lai

  • Associate Consultant at L.E.K. Consulting

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Finance)

  • BoW Alumni & External Relations Director (2021)

  • 1
Hannah Johns.jpeg

Hannah Johns

  • Senior Consultant at EY (Infrastructure Advisory)

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Management & Marketing)

  • BoW Communications Director (2020)

  • 1
Natasha Mizzi.jpeg

Natasha Mizzi

  • Corporate Finance Analyst at Port of Melbourne Operations

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)

  • BoW Vice President (2019) and Treasurer (2017)

  • 1
Jess Tang.jpeg

Jessica Tang

  • Business Analyst at Macquarie Asset Management (Real Assets)

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance) with Honours in Finance

  • BoW Treasurer (2020)

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Where are our Alumni now? 

Anika Lai

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 7.44.33 pm.png
Associate at L.E.K. Consulting

Before starting uni my background was predominantly in chemistry and I had little to no knowledge of consulting or the business world. From introductory CV writing events held by BoW to being inspired by all the incredible people in the committee, BoW not only equipped me with the skills and challenges to prepare me for a role in consulting but I was also able to see with my own eyes that getting an internship at Goldman Sachs or a job at LEK was more than possible. BoW and the community that you join create the optimal environment to figure out what you want to do, and give you the confidence and abilities to succeed.


Jillian Chan

Graduate Economist at the Department of Treasury and Finance

BoW was part of my entire university life - I started off in the mentoring program, then subcommittee, Alumni director and finally, Vice President. Being part of BoW has helped me form an exceptional network of working professionals and given me the opportunity to develop professional skills. My mentor helped me orientate around university life and kickstart my journey into the professional world while being on committee gave me the opportunity to practise my communication skills and created an environment where I could try new initiatives. With the guidance and support of the entire committee, be it alumni, current members or new recruits, I was able to develop the confidence and skills to get my role and make the most out of university!

Mandy Qu

Investment Banking Analyst at Citi

My name is Mandy and I am currently working as an analyst within Citi’s investment banking team. I first joined BoW as a mentee during my second year of BCom and was able to get detailed and personalised help from my mentor on a variety of topics, including learning about the pathways available in finance, and more specific internship application related advice. 

Being part of the BoW committee also gave me the opportunity to organise career-related events for fellow students, host panel events with guests from a variety of industries and backgrounds, as well as meet like-minded students and make lasting friendships. Being part of BoW has definitely been a highlight of my university experience and I’d encourage all interested students to apply!

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