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Do you have to be female to join BoW and participate in BoW's events?

We encourage everyone who is interested in pushing for diversity in the workforce to attend all of our events, regardless of gender.

Do I have to be studying commerce to be a part of BoW?

Not at all. As the financial and professional services industries 

makes strides towards welcoming students of all academic backgrounds, we endeavour to do the same. We are proud to say our membership base is comprised of students of all faculties, including Science, Arts, Biomedicine and Commerce.

Can I attend your events if I am a first year student? 

Yes, we encourage students of all year levels and course types to attend our events. Our members include both domestic and international students, as well as undergraduate and post graduate students.

How can I keep in the loop with BoW?

Sign up as a member and find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to get all of the latest details on events, sponsor opportunities and more! You can also find our podcast BoWTalks, on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

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What ways can I get involved with BoW?

There are many ways you can get involved: 

  • Membership: as a BoW member, you receive access to our newsletters and events throughout the year (sign up here!)

  • Subcommittee: we recruit at the start of each semester for our subcommittee, which provides you with the opportunity to rotate through our different portfolios

  • Bold with BoW: our mentor program connects successful candidates with a committee member and BoW alumni - it is an opportunity for mentees to candidly ask questions and discuss various aspects of professional career development

Is BoW just about banking?

While the name 'Banking' on Women does indicate a focus on banking, our club is definitely not just about banking! We strive to provide our members with access to events/opportunities across the financial and professional services industries. In our efforts to do so, we have secured sponsors across a range of areas - including investment banking, professional services and consulting.

Do I have to be a UniMelb student to join BoW?

BoW membership allows for both UniMelb and non-UniMelb students to join! Simply choose the 'Associate Member' option for non-UniMelb students when signing up here. 

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What makes a BoW event different?

At BoW, we seek to create an inclusive and friendly atmosphere at all of our events. We aim to provide our members with the opportunity to interact with role models in the industry and converse with peers/older students. In doing so, we hope to also foster a supportive and motivating environment for learning.

What benefits do I get as a member, and how much does it cost?

As a BoW member, you will be apart of a strong community of like-minded, driven and intelligent individuals. You will have access to all of our events, receive our newsletter and be notified of upcoming events, internships/graduate roles offered by our sponsors.  It is currently FREE to become a BoW member! 

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